College Council

: Council Head

Dean of Al-Darb University College:  Dr. Omaima AbdulWahab Ahmed Radwan



Council Secretary

Vice Dean for Academic Affairs: Prof. Wafaa Muhammad Asiri



About the Secretariat of the College Council

The Secretariat of the College Council is an executive department that facilitates the tasks and procedures of the College Council, as it provides some work, including management services and secretarial work for everything related to the work of the Council and in accordance with the Council’s system and with all instructions issued by the College Deanship. The Secretary of the College Council directly reports to the Dean of the College, who is appointed to this position by the Dean of the College (Chairman of the Council)


Duties and responsibilities of the Secretariat

- Receiving list of matters to be discussed from the scientific departments and that are required to be presented to the Council after fulfilling all the justifications and ensuring that they comply with the rules and regulations.

- Preparing presentation notes for the Council according to the nature of each subject.

- Preparing agendas for sessions.

- Inviting the members of the Council and informing the relevant authorities of the date of the meeting.

- Preparing minutes of meetings and completing the members’ signatures on them in preparation for submitting them to His Excellency the University President for approval.

- Notify the decisions issued by the Council after its approval and follow up on its implementation with other authorities.

- Raising the financial dues of the members of the Council.

- Archive all meeting minutes and all topics that were presented to the Council, for reference when needed.


Council Organisational Structure


Rules and regulations of the College Council   



Contact the Council

Administrative Building of University College Darb

Telephone: 0173295000