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The College of Public Health and Tropical Medicine was established as a result of the restructuring of the College of Health for boys and the College of Health Sciences for girls in Jazan and was attached administratively, financially and academically to the University of Jazan by the decision of the Council of Higher Education No. 23/49/1429, adopted at its 44th meeting, held on 21/10/1427, after the approval 2011, and contained in letter No. 1694/a dated 20 Shaaban 1432 ah on the establishment of the College of Public Health and Tropical Medicine and thus join the government higher education institutions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia... More .

College Vision

College of Public Health and Tropical Medicine will be locally and nationally recognized with its excellence in education, research and community services .

College Mission

We provide education, research, and services in public health and tropical medicine that are based on evidence and adapted through creativity, to build a responsible and healthy community

College tasks
  1. To provide evidence-based educational experience for students through study, research, and practice, to address public health challenges of the twenty-first century.
  2. To create research that contributes to formulating policies and practices to improve the health of individuals and population.
  3. To engage in service activities that expand the capacity of communities to improve health and public health advocacy.
  4. To cultivate partnerships with governmental entities, private and non-profit organizations to address the health needs of people and population.
  5. To provide an academic setting that fosters professional ethics, respect, diversity, cooperation, learning, and fun.
  6. To ensure that the college infrastructure supports operational effectiveness, through enhanced personnel, technical and financial capacity, and adequate modern facilities that meet the needs and expectations of faculty, staff and students.


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