About the College:
The College of Education at Jazan University was established within the framework of restructuring teachers’ colleges and teacher training colleges in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by Resolution issued by the Higher Education Council No. 10/50/1429 on 7/10/1429 AH. Since its establishment, the College of Education has gained its importance through the diversity of its departments related to the field of education, development of human resources and the graduation of competent teachers, as well as through its services to all colleges of the university by providing a set of courses in the field of religious, educational and psychological sciences, with the aim of developing the academic and research skills of university students. The College of Education (Male Section) is located in the Colleges Complex in Abu Arish and Female Section in the Colleges Complex in Sabya. The College of Education is one of the largest colleges in the university in terms of the number of students who receive their education through college departments or by learning general subjects courses. Read More

College Vision

The college strives to be a pioneering institution for knowledge and learning that contributes to the promotion, enhancement and advancement of the human race in accordance with legitimate and national principles and values, and supports communication at the Arab and global level in the field of education and human resources development.

College tasks

1. Pride in Islam, and instilling the sense of moderation in the contemporary and future generations.
2. Developing the spirit of loyalty and pride in the homeland, preserving and developing it.
3. Spreading the spirit of dialogue, developing constructive communication skills, and developing the spirit of cooperative teamwork.
4. Preparing the citizen in line with scientific and technical progress.
5. Introducing programs to prepare and qualify teachers for teaching in the general education stages, early childhood education, and special education, and preparing professionals responsible for the development of human resources.
6. Academic coordination of professional diploma programs in the field of education, and human resource development.
7. Conducting research and studies related to teaching and learning, and other educational fields, and developing human resources.
8. Providing professional services and consultations for governmental and private organizations.
9- Development of college programs and activities in line with the needs of labor market and contemporary developments.

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26 Muharram 1443