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The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the birthplace of revelation, the qiblah of Muslims and the hearth of their hearts, from which is the radiance of the light of Islam, and therefore it took upon itself to carry its message, and took its eternal law as its constitution, and a guiding light. And forbidding evil, and carrying out the duty of calling to God Almighty with insight. From here came the system of Sharia colleges in the universities of the Kingdom to translate the aspirations of the rulers in achieving the principles and values ​​referred to. The College of Sharia and Law at Jazan University is one of these colleges. The approval for its establishment was issued on 01/21/1432 AH. The college has a specific vision, a clear message, and lofty goals that it seeks to achieve. Studying in it is the semester system. The college is determined that its outputs have a distinguished role, and make a good contribution to the care and preservation of the purposes of Sharia, and the consolidation of the moderation of Islam and its supreme principles, and its lofty values.

College Vision

That the college become a distinct legal and legal edifice of knowledge and research that combines tradition and modernity, with a societal contribution and achieving leadership locally and globally.

College tasks

Proceeding from the main directions of Jazan University and to achieve the vision and mission of the university and college and in line with the standards and controls of the Education Evaluation Commission, and in line with the requirements of the National Transformation Program 2020, and the vision of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 2030. The College of Sharia and Law is committed to working to achieve the three directions of the university



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