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The Community College in Jazan was established in 1418 on the approval of the High Court by Resolution 33 and the date of 18 February 1418 H under the supervision of King Saud University. The Community College in Jazan was moved under supervision of King Khalid University on the basis of the decision of the Council of Higher Education No. 6/13 in 1419 Ah. On 26 May 1426, by the royal decree no. 2247  Community college became one of the colleges of Jazan University. In light of the kingdom's vision 2030 plans and objectives that strengthen the kingdom's strategic orientation towards the development of human resources through improving the outcomes of the education, rehabilitation and training system to keep pace with the latest developments and requirements, the Decision of the Council of University Affairs no. 9/4/1442 on 14 September 1442, which includes the transformation of community colleges, applied studies colleges and community service colleges in universities to become all applied colleges. By the decision of His Excellency the President of Jazan University No. 712 and on 02/01/1443 H, the Community College of Jazan University was transformed into an Applied College. Read More

College Vision

To become a leader in the fields of education and application, and excellence in providing quality programs and diplomas in areas that serve and meet the needs of the community in accordance with international standards and to achieve the targets of Vision Kingdom 2030.

College tasks

College Mission

Preparing and qualifying distinguished graduates academically, professionally and morally in the fields and specializations of the college to meet the needs and requirements of the labor market under the vision of the Kingdom 2030.

Academic Departments

Computer Department

Management Department



Saudi National Day 92 We celebrate together with love and loyalty The Faculties of Business College and Applied Colleged, represented by the Student Activities Unit, are honored invite you to celebrate the 92nd Saudi National Day

10 Rabi’ Al-Awwal 1444

We send you our best regards, and submit to your Excellency a report on the visit of the students of the Applied College to the Chamber of Commerce in Jazan Region Jazan University: Media Department The Applied College, represented by the Student

09 Rabi’ Al-Thani 1443