College Vice Deanship for Female Students

About the Vice Dean in the female section

It is one of the key agencies in the organizational structure of the College, in which all projects for the management of the educational process and ensuring its good progress in order to achieve the best outputs.


Tasks of the Vice Dean in the female section

  • Supervising the programs and activities offered to new students at the college.
  • Supervising the service provided to students and working on its development.
  • Develop the necessary procedures to control the attendance of students, and follow up their regularity.
  • Taking care of the rights of students, and taking the necessary means to preserve them.
  • Studying the grievances of students and their problems, proposing appropriate solutions for them and coordinate with the relevant authorities in the college and Jazan University.
  • Determining the needs of the faculty members in the female section and working to provide them in coordination with the departments.
  • Chairing the disciplinary committees of the offending students and applying the legal procedures against them.
  • Proposing a plan of student activities at the college, and supervising its implementation, in coordination with the relevant authorities at the Jazan University.
  • Submitting annual reports to the Dean on the progress of work in the units affiliated to it, and the difficulties faced, and suggestions to overcome them.


Contact Info:

Dr. Amani Awad alotaibi