College Deanship

College Vision

Al-Darb University College will be a recognized educational institution in the region that focuses on preparing graduates who are researchers and innovators to serve the ever-changing and evolving community.


College Mission

We will emphasize collaborative and comprehensive efforts to raise the achievements of our students, from conducting research, to preparing articulate and ethical leaders and to provide positive contributors to our society and the Kingdom.



- Evaluate the infrastructure to improve the facilities and remove any defects.

- Improving the efficiency of the administrative body and the teaching staff.

- Determining the job title for each female employee, and defining the administrative tasks assigned to female faculty members.

- Increasing the use of information technology.

- Raising the performance and skills of new students.

- Improving the performance of college students.

- Requiring faculty members to use the latest teaching techniques.

- Integrating the community into the educational process.



Committees and Units affiliated with the Deanship




Purchasing and Warehouse Unit


Unit tasks

1- Raising the needs of the college in terms of facilities, furniture and office equipment.
2- Disbursement of furniture, equipment and stationery to beneficiaries.

SNo Name Role
1 Ms. Maryam Ali Mansoor Siyaam Unit Incharge



Public Relations and Media Unit

Unit tasks

1- Preparing and implementing the annual media plan for the college.
2- Organizing and documenting the college's activities (student activity, literary club, various units, internal and external visits).
3- Preparing the media content for all the events and news of the college (photographing, designing and montage) and updating the media content on social media and the college website.
4- Issuing all the news of attendance, thanks and participation, and having them approved by the College Deanship.
5- Empowering and guiding talented female media students by supervising the student media team and coordinating with the departments' media teams.

SNO Name Role
1 Ms. Alaa Hussein Moafa Media Coordinator
2 Ms. Noha Yahya Al- Yassin Member - Information Section
3 Ms. Munira Mohammed Asiri Public relations coordinator
4 Ms. Fatima Musa Hamidi Member - Public Relations
5 Ms. Ashwaq Ibrahim Siyad Member - Public Relations
6 Ms. Umranah Muhammad Al-Hazmi Member - Public Relations
7 Ms. Maryam Ali Siam Member - Public Relations



Facilities and Equipment Unit

Unit tasks

1- Following up the distribution and transfer of devices, furniture and office equipment in the college.
2- Inventory of equipment and furniture and registering them in the electronic database system.
3- Preparing and equipping classrooms, laboratories, and college campus facilities, raising their need for the college administration, and following up on maintenance work.

SNo Name Unit Role
1 Ms. Huda Issa Shamakhi Unit Head
2 Ms. Alaa Hussein Moafa Unit Member
3 Ms. Khadija Hussein Shamakhi Unit Member
Evacuation and Emergency Committee 2023

Evacuation and Emergency Committee 2023:

 Committee members:

Name Position
Dr. Omaima AbdulWahab Radhwan Committee Head
Ms. Wafa Mohammad Aseeri Assistant Head
Ms. Alkhansa Eissa Shamakhi Member
Ms. Saleha Mohammad Mareir Member
Dr. Daliya Ahmad Jaffar Member
Ms. Ala Hussein Moafa Member

Committee Tasks:

  1. Executing operational plans for evacuations and periodic firefighting and rescue drills.
  2.  Updating the content of safety boards in laboratories to raise awareness of laboratory risks.
  3. Distribution of guiding panels inside the lecture halls and corridors, including a sketch of the building, showing emergency exits, fire extinguishers and first aid boxes.
  4. Carrying out periodic tours inside the university campus to ensure the efficiency of safety tools in coordination with the Security and Safety Department, identify deficiencies and raising their requirement, and ensure that emergency exits are not closed or there are new obstacles that limit their use.  
  5. Preparing direct reports of damages and emergency cases, as well as periodic reports on the safety situation in the work environment, and providing them to the Deanship.






Plans and Curricula Committee

Plans and Curricula Committee

Plans and Curricula Committee

Committee members:

Name Committee Role
Dr. Omaima AbdulWahab Radhwan Chairman of the Committee
Ms. Wafaa Muhammad Asiri Vice Chairman of the Committee
Dr. Olfat Abdel Hamid Salem Committee member
Dr. Jerlene Bria Lovelin Committee member
Ms. Aisha Saeed Abdullah Committee member
Ms. Najlaa Mohammed Al-Hassan Committee member
Ms. Buthaina Mahmoud Zoghbi Committee member

Tasks of the Committee:

1- Follow up the work of study plans committees for academic programs.

2- Submitting proposals to suitable universities and institutions to establish partnerships with them in order to develop study plans for academic programs.

3- Supervising the process of evaluating students' learning outcomes of academic programs.

4- Coordinating between the concerned authorities in universities and colleges to control the relationship between them with regard to developing study plans for academic programs in cooperation.


Community Services Unit

Community Services Unit

:Unit Coordinator

Ms. Laila Ahmed Mohammed Hamidi

: Unit tasks

1- Preparing an annual plan of activities and practices for community service as part of the college programs and chalking out the community activities plan with the participation of college employees.

2- Receiving and documenting the participation forms in the community service activities in coordination with the community service coordinators in the academic departments.

3- Preparing electronic databases for all community service activities and practices at the college level and calculating performance indicators for the unit.

4- Preparing the periodic calendar for activities and services based on performance indicators and beneficiaries' opinions, and submitting it to the Vice Dean for Development.

5- Searching for community partnership opportunities that serve the college and its students, and striving to revise the partnership contracts after presenting them to the college deanship.






Ambulance Unit 2023

Unit Head:

Dr. Dalia Ahmed Jaafar

Unit tasks:

1- Checking the vital signs of female students and employees visiting the medical clinic and providing them with seasonal vaccinations and the necessary first aid.

2- Issuing a medical referral for the case that requires urgent transfer to the hospital, and following up the case until it is discharged with the ambulance.

3- Holding seminars, workshops, and awareness campaigns in coordination with the departments of nursing and biology, or whatever emerges from external partners in a timely manner.

4- Inventory of all cases of chronic diseases (obtaining medical reports) and submitting them to the Deanship of the College and addressing them to provide the necessary emergency medicines.

5- Inventory of the contents of the medical clinic, addressing its needs, and receiving its equipment, in coordination with the Department of Ambulance Units.

6- Coordinating with the nursing department in the college to schedule working hours for female members in the clinic.

7- Supervising the health isolation unit in the college, which is designated for suspected symptoms of infection with the Coronavirus (Covid-19).