About Biology Department :

The Department of Biology was established with the inception of the University College in Al-Darb in 1431 AH, and the department was opened with the beginning of the first semester of the academic year 1431/1432 AH. Neighborhoods with its various branches


Excellence , leadership .and innovation in education .scientific research and community service in biological sciences locally and regionally

Mission :

Providing distinguished academic programs to students and innovative scientific program to qualify students , and innovative scientific research to contribute in the requirements of development and community service

Biology Program Goals:

  1. Create an environment of quality education in biological sciences.
  2. Offer students the opportunity to gain knowledge and skills needed to engage into various Biology professions in industry, scientific inquiry, and foster life-long learning.
  3. Build a culture for research and strengthen relationship with the community.

Program Values:

Citizenship and Loyalty: Cherishing national identity and sensing social responsibility and a sense of commitment and initiative towards the goals and objectives of the department.

Excellence: We continually strive to be among the best in all we do in teaching, research, creative expression, service to our communities and service to each other in our daily interactions.

Diversity: We seek to treat all individuals with dignity and fairness and to promote understanding and respect for a diversity of perspectives, traditions and experiences.

Social Responsibility: We are committed to exploring the challenges that confront our region and country, by using our intellectual and creative capabilities to address these challenges, serve our communities, and have a positive and sustainable impact on development, business, the environment and society.

Capacity building: Investing in Human Capital.

Integrity: We believe that individuals are accountable for their actions, and as members of a community, our individual actions have an impact on others. We are stronger as a community when we reflect on the consequences of our decisions and actions, and we uphold the principles of academic integrity, including fairness, accountability and honesty.

Teamwork: Devoting the principle of cooperation and work in the spirit of one team.

Lifelong Learning: We believe that the pursuit of knowledge, understanding and personal and professional development should continue throughout one’s lifetime.

Biology Tasks:

Teaching in institutions of higher education and public education

Biology Department Objectives:

  1. Providing a high quality program in biological sciences based on high quality educational strategies and develops it to become one of the main sources of biological science education in the Kingdom.
  2. Provide students with sufficient basic academic, technical and vocational skills through which they can practice biology to meet the requirements of the labor market.
  3. Provide graduates with modern theories, and develop new skills and techniques in biology and enhance their personal skills that enable them to enter the job market according to current and future needs in the Kingdom.
  4. Refining the personal skills of the department’s students to improve their scientific and cognitive level.
  5. Graduating qualified students in the field of biology according to the national values and standards.
  6. Responds to the educational needs required by the community, and contributing to the community service activities through consultation and professional services in the field of biological sciences and environmental risk assessment.
  7. To conduct research in the field of biology that have a broad economic and social benefits that contributes directly to the Department’s role in providing research experience  to our students, encourages the intellectual development of faculty and meets the development requirements.


Graduate Attributes:

1. Broad knowledge of Biology.
2. Innovative solutions based on environment, culture and society.
3. Firm commitment to professional practice and ethical values.
4. Lifelong learning values and pursues continuous learning.
5. Applying Professional development, such as the ability to work collectively and
awareness relating to the importance of building professional relationships.
6. Displaying the confidence and the potential for leadership.
7. Being respectful, team oriented and approachable in social and professional

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