About the College

The University College was established in Samtah Governorate in the academic year 1430-1431 AH corresponding to 2009-2010. The college has a team of specialized faculty and administrators with experience and competence. The college includes: – 
Department of Chemistry – Department of Physics – Department of Home Economics – Department of Kindergarten – Department of English

College Vision

The University College in Samtah Province strives to promote quality education, research, and community service.  

College Mission 

The University College in Samtah Province aspires to provide quality academic programs, research, and community initiatives to build a vibrant society. 

College tasks
  • Achieving quality in the academic programs in accordance with national and international standards.
  • Providing a stimulating environment academically, administratively, and technically to improve performance.
  • Providing qualified outputs capable of competing in the labour market.
  • Rehabilitating and training of manpower to achieve efficient individual and institutional performance. 
  • Establishing effective community partnerships locally and regionally.
  • Encouraging distinguished research production to contribute to raise the level of competitiveness of the university.

Employee Services

College Departments

Kindergarten Department


Physics Department

Department of English

Department of Home Economics



The standard test at the University College of Samtah (formerly)

23 Rajab 1444

A workshop entitled "Maximize student success through effective strategies and techniques" at the Applied College in Samtah and the University College in Samtah (formerly)

23 Rajab 1444

A course entitled "Photography and Image Editing" at the Applied College in Samtah and the University College in Samtah (formerly)

22 Rajab 1444