Diagnostic Radiography Technology Department at Jazan University was established in 2008 (1429 AH). The department is affiliated to the College of Applied Medical Sciences at Jazan University and offers a single-specialty program; a Bachelor of Diagnostic Radiography Technology. This program aims to provide students with the scientific, practical and ethical skills necessary to practice medical imaging in various fields, including hospitals, educational institutions, and medical companies.
 The importance of this program is returned to that, the radiology diagnosis is the first and most important step in the field of patients' treatment. The diagnostic radiology specialists (graduates) will be equipped with various medical sciences such as physics, radiology, nuclear medicine, magnetic resonance and ultrasound, in addition to clinical practices as well as methods of investigation and evaluation of diseases related to their specialty. Moreover, graduates will also be trained in educational hospitals during periods of study and internship to qualify them to assist the medical system and provide distinguished medical services.


To be one of the premier academic radiographic technology programs nationally and internationally, providing the highest quality advanced medical imaging services.


Providing comprehensive education to produce competent and proficient radiologic technologists and promoting research in the field of diagnostic radiography to serve the community.


1.    Develop high-quality education to graduate multi-skilled specialists in medical imaging technologies.
2.    Equip the students with effective communication skills for optimal medical imaging.
3.    Enhance the efficiency of the students` critical thinking, problem solving and research skills.
4.    Develop the necessary values for the commitment to life-long learning.
5.    Contribute to serve the community with high moral standards.