About the Vice Presidency

The Vice Presidency for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research was established with the establishment of the university according to the H Royal Decree No 6616 / MB dated 05/12/1426, it constitutes one of the pillars of the university where it worked and is working to develop the university through the development of scientific research and holding research partnerships with sectors outside the university and contributing in finding out scientific solutions to the problems facing the community through the establishment of specialized research centers, as well as planning and work to create scientific research chairs and concluding Agreements with local and international organizations, and work towards the adoption of a specialized scientific journal, as well as supervising the scholarships and follow up the status of applicants and help them to overcome the difficulties they face. In addition, the Vice Presidency oversees the work of the Scientific Council and all tasks assigned to it concerning faculty members of the University with regard to recruitment, promotions, Scientific Publishing and other tasks, and committees headed by the Vice President for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research, which significantly and effectively contribute in the management and development of the university’s functioning.

Vice Rectorates Vision

Excellence in scientific research, and the development of high-level postgraduate programs, that contribute effectively to building a distinct Knowledge Society.

Vice Rectorates Tasks

1- Encouraging joint research between faculty members and related programs throughout the University and between research institutes.
2- Establishing a mechanism to encourage faculty members to participate in local and international conferences and scientific symposia.
3- Rewards and allowances for efforts to contribute towards community research.
4- Requirement-related procedures.

Vice Presidency Services


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22 Muharram 1442

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22 Muharram 1442