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A department linked to the Vice President for Academic Affairs, and concerned with providing educational services, including laboratories, laboratories apparatus, equipment, classrooms, museums, educational aids, and their maintenance for all University faculties and its various sectors

Department Vision

The vision of the Department of Educational Services and Equipment is to raise the level of services provided to all university facilities by building a stimulating and conducive environment for learning linked to a system of supportive and integrated services for classrooms and laboratories, improving their educational outcomes and securing their needs according to the rapid developments in the field of modern technologies, and working on automating them and converting them into interactive halls and laboratories to achieve the goals of the university and in line with with Vision 2030.



Department Tasks

1. Study college requests and determine the actual need.
2. Supervision of the chemicals and bottles warehouse.
3. Maintenance of computer labs and securing software.
4. Maintenance of scientific and medical equipment. 
5. Securing educational and research supplies. 
6. Develop upgrading plans for halls and laboratories and work on digitizing them.
7. Supervising the transfer of educational headquarters and educational means.

8. Outputs of scientific and medical halls and laboratories.