Jazan University develops the “Jami’i Platform” to assist High School students

24 Rajab 1442

Jazan University has established an educational and counselling platform for high school students under the name “Jami’i Platform” in cooperation with the departments of education in Jazan region and Sabya governorate. The aim is to prepare high school students for the transition to undergraduate studies and help them to select their academic specializations that are commensurate with their abilities, provide them with academic counseling and professional skills to ensure their excellence in their university programs and prepare them to face the challenges of the job market.

The Vice President for Academic Affairs and the General Supervisor of the platform, Dr. Hassan Ishaq, explained that the platform is to keep pace with the strategic goals of Jazan University and to achieve the highest levels of internal and external competence He added that the platform represents a strategic step for the true partnership with the Education Department in Jazan region and Sabya through joint cooperation to develop the system.