Developing English Language Skills

22 Rabi’ Al-Awwal 1443

Jazan University: Media Department

As part of the student activity plan at the University College in Al-Ardah, the unit organized a course entitled “Developing English language skills for specific purposes” with the aim of raising the level of college students and developing their English language skills to keep pace with competition in the labor market. It also aimed to clarify the most important reasons why students find it difficult to speak English, which was presented by Lecturer Nahla Berdada, Department of English, via the Zoom application, attended by 35 students from various departments of the college.

The workshop dealt with several axes, the most important of which is the English language in various fields, including education, commerce, management, and the importance of learning the skill of listening and reading, and emphasized the interest in these skills to develop the skill of writing and speaking. Every morning, for example, watching English news, reading magazines and listening to English audio programs. she also emphasized that English language learners should remain motivated and not be afraid of making mistakes. Many tips on improving language weaknesses were discussed.

The workshop concluded with doing some English exercises and competitions that motivated the students to learn the English language.