Vice Deanship for Academic Affairs

وكيلة الكلية للشؤون الأكاديمية:

أ/ وفاء محمد عسيري




Vice Dean for Academic Affairs Message


The Vice Deanship for Academic Affairs is concerned with supervising the progress of the academic process for female students and following up on the implementation of the regulations governing their progress to ensure that each student avails her rights according to the list of rights and duties of Jazan University students.





Building a pioneering academic environment.


Providing a distinguished academic environment for students and faculty members.



– Creating an educational environment that is attractive and stimulating to creativity
– Raising the efficiency of the performance of the academic departments and units affiliated with the vice deanship
– Developing the quality of counseling services provided to female students.
- Addressing the obstacles facing the educational process.




Affiliated Units of Vice Deanship for Academic Affairs


Timetable and Examinations Unit

Unit tasks

1- Preparing study schedules by specifying the dates of the courses and classrooms and the names of the faculty members and approving them by the Deanship of the College.
2- Entering study schedules into the admission and registration system.
3- Follow up on updating the study schedule during the registration process to solve any problems that may arise in a timely manner.
4- Preparing the final exams schedules for the courses whose exams are from the academic departments of the college.
5- Surveying students’ opinions about study schedules and final exams schedules, setting plans for improvement, and implementing those plans in the coming semesters.

SNO Name Position
1 Ms. Wafa Mohammad Aseeri Head of Unit
2 Ms. Ayesha Saeed Aseeri Coordinator Timetable Affairs
3 Prof. Dr. Nadia Hussein ali Coordinator Examination Affairs
4 Prof. Dr. Dhuha AlTayeb AlJalali Unit Member
5 Ms. Nawaar Mohammad Suleiman Unit Member
6 Dr. Feeroz Ibrahim Sheen Unit Member
7 Dr. Abeer AbdulAziz Mohammad Unit Member
8 Ms. Noha Yahya AlYaseen Secretary Timetable Affairs
9 Ms. Muneera Mohammad Aseeri Secretary Examination Affairs
10 Ms. Shama Aseeri Unit Member



Alumni Affairs Unit

Unit tasks

1- Establishing a database of expected graduates, female graduates, and female graduates’ employment data, and updating it periodically.
2- Conducting surveys on the opinions of female graduates, the opinions of employers, and the subsequent performance of female graduates.
3- Holding the annual forum for female graduates of academic programs.
4- Supervising professional development programs and workshops for female students who are expected to graduate.
5- Implementing the programs of the university’s alumni affairs unit at the college in cooperation with the female graduates’ affairs coordinators in the academic departments.

SNo Name Position
1 Dr. Muna Saad Ashour Head of Unit
2 Ms. Seigha Mohammad AlSha'bi Member
٣ Dr. Hayah Yusuf Member
٤ Dr. Afaf Abdullah Member
٥ Ms. Samira Ahmad Member
٦ Ms. Rasheeda Bin Jaziya Member
٧ Ms. Fatima Qasadi Member



Student Advising Unit

Unit tasks

1- The program counseling coordinators hand over the list of new students and assign them to distribute the students to the faculty members in the program.
2- Supervising the progress of the counseling process in the college and organizing periodic meetings with the counseling coordinators to follow up the progress of the counseling process in the programs.
3- Holding periodic meetings with female students and seminars to familiarize them with their study plans and university regulations.
4- Supporting female students with special needs, as well as the outstanding female students, by providing programs and counseling directed to them.
5- A survey of the female students’ opinions about the effectiveness of counseling and raising the students’ problems at the time to the Vice Dean for Academic Affairs for follow-up.

SNo Name Position
1 Dr. Intizar Mustufa Abbas Head of Unit
2 Dr. Abeer AbdulAziz Mohammad Special Needs Affairs
3 Ms. Khulood Ali Wadha Distinction Students Affairs
4 Ms. Wafa Ahmad AlAati Mental health promotion group coordinator
5 Noha Yahya AlYaseen Unit Secretary



Student Affairs Unit

Unit tasks

1- Informing the students of everything related to the study schedules through the designated billboards and the college website.
2- Preparing a report on the negatives in the study schedules, and developing proposals for improvement based on what is observed during the period of deletion and addition.
3- Receiving requests (deletion and addition - visitor - updating university accounts) from female students and implementing what their powers enable them to implement or submit to the authority.
4- Receiving the students to direct them to the appropriate side to solve their problems.
5- Handing over graduation documents to graduates and ATM cards.
6- Making an evaluation for the people at the end of each semester and handing over the monitoring sheets to the faculty members and then receiving them.

SNo Name Position
1 Dr. Intizar Mustufa Abbas Head of Unit
2 Ms. Noha Yahya AlYaseen College Registrar
3 Ms. Seigha Mohammad AlSha'bi Unit Secretary



Student Activity Unit

Unit tasks

1- Preparing and implementing the annual plan for student activities at the college level in coordination with the activity supervisors in the academic departments.
2- Supervising the activities of the fitness hall and the recreational center, and following up on the sports teams of the college.
3- Supervising the literary club elections and implementing its annual plan.
4- Conducting opinion polls on student activities and services, and developing and implementing improvement plans.
5- Coordinating and communicating with the Deanship of Student Affairs and implementing all its plans at the college level.
6- Preparing event reports and periodic reports and submitting them to the competent authority.

SNo Name Position
1 Ms. Shama Hassan Aseeri Head of Unit-Coordinator Student Activity
2 Ms. Hind Hassan Milfi Literary Club Coordinator
3 Ms. Noora Tarshi Muti Gym Coordinator



Laboratories Unit

Unit tasks

1- Conducting a periodic inventory of the laboratories’ contents of equipment, chemicals, glassware and consumables and sending them to the competent authority at the university after its approval and raising the laboratories’ needs from them.
2- Conducting a technical study of orders after obtaining quotations.
3- Operating the new devices received from the companies upon receipt and training the users on them.
4- Follow up on the state of laboratories, their maintenance and cleanliness, and raise their problems.
5- Supervising the organization of the main and alternative exams for general courses that do not belong to a specialized academic department.
6- Educating female students about proper laboratory practices in partnership with the Laboratories Committee in both the Biology and Nursing Departments.

SNo Name Position
1 Ms. Hanaan ali AlHamoud Head of Unit
2 Ms. Ala Hussein Moafa Coordinator Nursing Labs
3 Ms. Ashwaq Mohammad Naj'i Coordinator Biology Labs
4 Ms. Khansa Eissa Shamakhi Coordinator Computer Science Labs



Student Affairs Unit

Tasks of the Committee

1- Raising the necessary exceptional cases to the college council.
2- Examining all academic requests related to exceptional apologies and postponements, re-enrollment after the statutory period has been exhausted, and granting exceptional opportunities in matters that cannot be implemented through the student’s electronic account.
3- Receiving complaints submitted by female students regarding any of the academic and non-academic problems to which he is exposed within the college in order to ensure the protection of the student's rights.
4- Looking into the violations committed by the students and raising their recommendations.
5- Follow up on the tasks assigned to it to follow up the progress of study and tests within the college in light of the executive rules of the study and tests regulations at Jazan University.

SNo Name Position
1 Ms. Wafa Mohammad Aseeri Head of Committee
2 Dr. Intizar Mustufa Abbas Committee Member
3 Ms. Amal AlHussein Qasim Committee Member
4 Ms. Naqla Ali AlShahrani Committee Member
5 Ms. Huda Eisa Shaamkhi Committee Member
6 Ms. Seigha Mohammad AlSha'bi Committee Secretary
Training Unit

Unit tasks

1- Training female students on functional tasks in the labor market through familiarity with the tools and mechanisms of administrative work of all kinds, and enabling them to write and draft various administrative reports.
2- Enhancing students’ skills related to all kinds of communication (verbal, written, non-verbal communication).
3- Searching for training opportunities for female students inside and outside the college, supervising the progress of training, and preparing periodic reports on field performance, including surveying employers' opinions and notifying their various departments of it.
4- Enabling training bodies and students to communicate continuously in a way that supports building a positive image of the college and its graduates.

SNO Name Position
1 Ms. Bothaina Mahmoud Zoghby Head of Unit



Excellence and Hospital Affairs Unit

Unit tasks

1- Supervising the direction of nursing department graduates in the internship phase to different hospitals and following up on their training affairs during the internship year.
2- Arranging for holding meetings to follow up on the excellence year program and to survey the opinion of students and supervisors about it.
3- Preparing training agreements between the college and the various health authorities.
4- Coordination to hold a meeting with those responsible for training in hospitals, in order to honor them, and discuss training problems and their proposed solutions.
5- Checking the training files and issuing the certificates of the year of excellence, and submitting them to the Deanship of the College for approval.
6- Qualifying graduates to pass the licensing exams to practice the profession.
7- Preparing the quarterly report including data and statistics of training vectors (new graduates), female students in the internship stage, and female students who have completed the internship stage.

SNo Name Position
1 Dr. Afaf Abdullah Adam Head of Unit
2 Ms. Ashwaq Siyaad Unit Secretary



Learning Resources and E-Learning Unit

Unit tasks

1- Carrying out coordination and follow-up tasks to train faculty members in the college on e-learning applications and holding seminars and lectures with standardized content approved by the Deanship of Information Technology to contribute to the dissemination of e-learning culture.
2- Providing technical support and support services in the field of e-learning to faculty members in the college and students in academic departments.
3- Establishing a headquarters for the e-learning unit and qualifying it to serve the educational needs of the students and the training needs of the female staff, and the periodic follow-up of the status of the e-learning lab and advertising screens.
4- Follow up on the establishment and submission of electronic courses by faculty members to the e-learning management system and submitting this to the Dean of the College on a weekly basis.

SNo Name Position
1 Ms. Rasheeda Hassan Bin Jaziya Head of Unit
2 Dr. Wafa Ahmad AlHilo Unit Member
3 Ms. Samira Ahmad Mohammad Unit Member
4 Ms. Daaliya Ahmad Ja'far Unit Member
5 Ms. Manaal Idrees AlQarshy Unit Member
6 Ms. Khansa Qasim Shamakhy Unit Member
7 Ms. Ala Hussein Moafa Unit Member