Vice Deanship for Research and Development

Dr. Yahya  AbdulKarim Al-Ajlani

Vice Dean Message


The Vice Deanship for Research and Development is a fundamental pillar for achieving the college’s goals and objectives, and critical to implementing the strategic plan initiatives of Jazan University. Through research we seek to develop and improve understanding through studying problems, overcoming obstacles, and diving into the smallest details to analyze problems and deduce methods of improvement. Our aim is to develop and reach the desired goals to facilitate the performance of all academic and administrative tasks. All this is consistent with the executive regulations and rules of the University of Jazan.
The Vice Deanship also seeks to develop and improve the educational performance in all academic departments of the college through the application of quality standards and academic accreditation, and the implementation and follow-up of programs that contain:

Room No : 2118 Extension: 5524

Agency vision

Achieving excellence and quality in the educational and academic research process at the College of Science

Agency Message

The Vice Deanship for Development seeks to achieve quality standards for the educational, research, and academic process, to achieve academic excellence in teaching and learning, and to graduate competencies equipped with research, scientific and technical skills that help advance education and the economy and achieve the goals and vision of the Kingdom 2030.

Agency goals

  • Spreading the concept of quality and achieving its standards in academic programs in preparation for achieving program accreditation
  • Improving and developing the educational process in all its scientific and research aspects
  • Developing and refining the skills of college employees to keep pace with the rapid developments around us
  • Supporting talented students and providing them with the appropriate environment for creativity and excellence
  • Encouraging education and scientific research with economic and social returns
  • Highlight the efforts of the college departments and publish their activities inside and outside the university community
  • Strengthen local, national, and international research partnerships

Agency tasks

  • Supervising the development of agency work plans and ensuring that they are implemented on time.
  • Supervising the application of quality standards in the college's academic programs.
  • Develop appropriate interim plans for the periodic review of approved quality standards to ensure continuous improvement in the performance of the academic departments and administrative units of the college.
  • Preparing to apply for academic accreditation for college programs.
  • Supervising the evaluation of academic and administrative performance in the college.
  • Supporting the educational process in the departments and making development plans for it.
  • Implementing and following up the evaluation and development of the teaching performance of the faculty member, and assisting him to achieve professional and scientific excellence.
  • Urging faculty members to participate in the courses, training programs, and workshops offered by the Deanship of Academic Development.
  • Developing the personal skills of the faculty, staff, and students.
  • Supervising the use of technologies, e-learning, educational media, and distance education in teaching and learning within the college.
  • Preparing the annual report of the college and distributing it to the competent authorities after approval by the Dean.
  • Implementation and follow-up awards for creativity and excellence in academic, research, and career performance in the college.
  • Supervising and updating the department and college Sfakht continuously.
  • Establishing communication channels for the college on social media platforms to build bridges of communication with students and the university and the local community.
  • Publish the activities of the departments and units in the college and cover their activities to highlight the inside and outside the university community.

Agency Reports

  • Agency report for the year 1442 H

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