Projects of students
NO. Group Project's name Project Description
1 777 Client server architechture using MPLS and routining protocol technology It is about how to be create service provider network using MPLS and routing protocols on separate area of AS(Autonomous System) and connect it together and using multiple server(web, Database, or mail servers) on with different AS area. And using VPN to provide security between client and server.
2 779 MPLS based Multisite-VPN implementation for campus network In this project work will be done on the design of an ISP Internetwork connecting different organizations across the network for commercial purposes.
An IP VPN is the foundation used for deploying or administering value-added services including applications and data hosting network commerce, and telephony services to bank customers. MPLS is a relatively newer WAN technology providing advantages over other technologies.
VPN having connectivity via MPLS infrastructure is known as MPLS VPN. Research and configuration work will be done on Deployment of single or dual MPLS service providers for resiliency using single or dual routers in remote site locations.
In this project, MPLS based VPN is implemented in a corporate environment. Multiple regional banks are connected with the central site through MPLS based ISP’s network. Hub and spoke topology is implemented in this scenario. The connectivity among the sites is established and forwarding decisions are made on the bases of MPLS labels instead of IP addresses.
3 776 Public utility service The project, which is titled “Public Utilities Service” or ” Arrival “, is a system of operation and maintenance service located at the university, and access to a new and more technical semester. A system has been created to send maintenance requests over the Internet. Where the administrator receives the connection first. Then the report is submitted to the executive branch to begin the solution .The problem immediately . Students and faculty can also learn about and access classrooms with this system. This project was developed in Hypertext preprocessor ( PHP), MySQL, Microsoft Visual Studio code, Hyper Text Mark-up Language ( HTML ), Cascading Style Sheets ( CSS ) , and JAVA SCRIPT.
4 782 A vending machine Arduino and raspberry pi are two technologies that have been used lately in different electronic projects. One of the projects that could benefit from using such technologies is building a mini vending machine. The machine will be connected through the network to track inventory. Since the college of computer science and information technology is in need of having couple vending machines for the students to access, we will place some in the hallways. Thus, students will not have to travel outside of the college to get snacks.
5 767 IoT(Internet of Things) This project exploits IoT paradigm in order to propose smart university campus (SUC). The SUC is used to control the devices in the campus by using controllers and sensors. When the devices on the campus are automated, they can control the activities being done in the campus. A university campus can be considered as the ideal place for the creation of a smart environment.
6 780 Line follower and object detection Robot The Line follower robot is a mobile machine that can detect and follow the line drawn on the floor. Generally, the path is predefined and can be either visible like a black line on a white surface with a high contrasted color or it can be invisible like a magnetic field. Therefore, this kind of Robot should sense the line with its Infrared Ray (IR) sensors that installed under the robot. After that, the data is transmitted to the processor by specific transition buses. Hence, the processor is going to decide the proper commands and then it sends them to the driver and thus the path will be followed by the line follower robot. Keywords: Arduino UNO, IR Sensor, Ultrasonic Sensor, DC motors.
7 792 Design and Implementation of a Network for Saudi Arabia Banks This project focuses on the design of an ISP Internetwork connecting different banks across the network for commercial purposes. Simply, we will simulate a banking network which is secure and easy to use. VPN (Virtual Private Network) technology provides a way of protecting information being transmitted over the Internet, by allowing users to establish a virtual private “tunnel” to securely enter an internal network, accessing resources, data and communications via an insecure network such as the Internet.
8 781 Smart emergency alert system in cars Nowadays increasing number of car accidents killed many people in Saudi Arabia, reducing time between the occurrence of accident and the arrival of emergency are important to saving lives. In this project, we aim at using technology to alert emergency situations immediately such as car accident, fire, harassment situations and emergency medical condition. There are two ways to send emergency alerts. First, the system will detect some emergency conditions like fire. Second, the system provides number of buttons to send emergency alerts for example in the case of harassment and Heart attacks.
9 768 Road condition monitoring system Our project that we implemented aims to develop an electronic device that examines the road and its quality in terms of potholes, barriers that affect transportation and the shelf life of cars that use the road. With this efficient device, we guarantee road quality in the kingdom and raise road safety levels. Our project is an Arduino device that is connected to some high-precision sensors that scan the road remotely without having to touch the road surface and the data is stored in a separate memory unit of the device that can be separated and extract data from it.
KEYWORDS:Arduino Uno, Ultrasonic Sensors, Sd Card Read And Write, Sd Card, Wire, Light-emitting diode.
10 783 Realtime chat app About the project it is an Instant Messaging application that cares about professionalism and confidentiality and is characterized by simplicity and and ease of use. Its ecosystem allows you to communicate with your contacts in any kind of device and in anytime. based on the cloud
The application users can access their accounts anywhere and enables users to chat with people via their personal email. It can also create groups for group chats.
It uses the private email as a user identifier instead of the phone number or a name given by the user. It gives a form of professional communication with individuals, institutions, companies and government agencies.
11 784 Automatic network configuration In this project we will be creating a script that will interacts with network devices like routers and switches and through these scripts we will be configuring Router and Switches.
12 785 Multi-function Object Detection System In this project, we will create a simple system to monitor the coordinates of the location of objects by making a digital radar using the HC-SR04 ultrasound sensor and the Arduino board as a system controller .
The computer is used to display the graphical user interface.
The GUI was built using the JAVA programming language to show the result on the monitor.
13 793 Design Of Smart Organization In this project, we will create an integrated network for a global company with a number of branches around the world.
We will make a simple design for this company’s network so that all these branches can communicate with each other and exchange information and data.
Also, we will facilitate the management of branches or the whole network by using technologies that are able to find and solve problems that can occur within the network. These techniques also help us to edit on a specific branch network or the main network with the ability to expand and use future technology.
14 794 Implementaion of site to site VPN for secure company network A virtual Private Network (VPN) is a secure connection that allows remote users to access the company network when not in the same branch. In this project work will be done on the design of core internetwork connecting different branches on a MAN network.
Site to Site VPN provides Network layer VPN for both network to network and remote-access deployments. IPsec is a secure WAN technology providing secure communication over public technologies. The three main security solutions IPsec offers are data integrity, data authentication and data confidentiality.
In this project, Site to Site VPN is implemented in a company network environment connecting multiple regional branches with the central site through IP based IPS network.
15 769 Smart building infrastructure IoT Implementation It is expected that the popularization of smart building technology will redefine the way we work and live in the future. Energy used in buildings represents a significant part of global energy consumption and humans spend most of the time indoors. Even now, using proven and commercially available technology, it is possible to achieve a significant reduction in building maintenance costs and energy consumption providing a more comfortable living environment at the same time. Nevertheless, the promise of intelligent buildings extends far beyond energy efficiency or housing comfort. Together with the concept of the Internet of Things, it may change the world more than the Internet did. Will it be so? How this process will look like? What are the potential threats? This paper will briefly cover current trends in building automation systems and try to answer all those questions. It will focus both on currently implemented solutions, mainly from ABB portfolio, as well as on potentially disruptive technologies that will shape the future of intelligent buildings.
16 770 SDN(Software define network) Software Defined Networking (SDN) is a new network architecture that separates the control plane from the data plane. It has become one of the most popular ways for organizations to deploy applications. This technology has been instrumental in allowing organizations to deploy applications at a faster rate, and reduce the overall cost of deployment. Scalability of the control plane with admiration to network size and update frequency is an important problem that has been addressed by previous studies from a variety of viewpoints. In this fashion, SDN propositions real-time performance and responds to high availability requirements. However, this new developed paradigm has been opposite many technological hurdles; some of them are inherent, while others are inherited from existing adopted technologies. In this Project our purpose is to define the SDN Technologies and his Architecture to explain the Network Controller and how its working comparing with Traditional networking to show the restriction. Additionally, we aim to present different current solutions and qualification techniques that address SDN scalability, elasticity, dependability, reliability, high availability, resiliency, security, and performance concerns.
17 465 Administrative system of CNET department Administration is considered one of the important things in the world that result in a tangible success in the organisations work. However, many organisations have a problem to run their works and susceptible to unorganised work, late tasks to be done and no regular updates to their duties. Computer and Network Engineering Department at Jazan University is one of these suborganisations that have a problem to manage their workds on an efficient way. As the department has lots of tasks to follow up, this project is aiming to solve the issue and build a system to manage only its committees and subcommittees. There is another problem that is communicating with students. Therefore, there must be a mediator to facilitate the work. Our project tries to provide assistance by facilitating the management of the department and enhancing communication methods within the department.
18 778 Designing smart factory using IoT The widespread use of industrial automation and embedded intelligence in the mid-20th century have led us to the world as we know today. Sitting on the cusp of the 4th industrial revolution driven by convergence of technologies and societal trends, a new catalyst has emerged where “things” of all shapes and functions are central to what is referred to as the “Internet of Things” or IoT. The connectedness of IoT and the distributed nature of these intelligent devices, each with autonomous or semiautonomous behavior, allow significantly higher production and better use of human resources by eliminating massive information gaps about real-time factory condition; coupled with innovative techniques such as additive manufacturing, a truly optimized advanced manufacturing floor and the vision of a lean, agile, and integrated Factory of the Future can soon be realized.