As we know Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has a mission and vision in terms of the development of its governmental sectors for increasing the economy and building citizens knowledge and awareness. Jazan University is considered one of these sectors. Computer and network engineering department is one of Jazan university colleges departments which has to contribute in this development. However, this mission and vision will not be achievable without students and faculty members help to the administration of the department. In this occasion, I would encourage the transparency and collaborative work among staff. Students themselves need to participate in this development by following all instructions and academic advising are offering to them from the department and respect the regulations of the university. The students also have to attend their classes and to be very close to their instructors by visiting them regularly in their office hours. In addition, I would love to advise each member of the department, whether that member is a student or a teacher, of knowing his responsibilities and getting benefit from any mistake he has in his work so we can achieve the aims of the department, the university and the government since without correcting our mistakes or limitations there would not be any development neither for ourselves nor for the government. By the end, I would love to thank the university and the college for its continuous support and thank everybody in the department for all their efforts towards teaching and collaborative work and I hope for them more progress.

Head of Computer & Network Engineering Department

Dr. Abdoh Jabbari