About Faculty

The College of Dentistry at Jazan University (Saudi Arabia) has introduced a Bachelor’s Program in Dental Medicine and Surgery. It is a six-year program, and the program begins after the first preparatory year at the University, followed by five years devoted to the study of oral and dental medicine and surgery. The student concludes his academic years at the college with a training year called - the internship phase - in which the student practices his clinical training on the types of therapeutic services provided in the field of dentistry. The Bachelor's program is taught in the faculties of Dentistry and Medicine in parallel, where the student studies many basic and clinical scientific courses in both faculties.
Teaching began at the Faculty of Dentistry at Jazan University with the beginning of the year (2010), in a relatively smaller building, and now a modern college building that houses an educational, research and health complex is in operation. The program offers many basic scientific and non-scientific courses offered by the College of Medicine, College of Applied Medical Sciences, and Community College at Jazan University. Teaching in the first three years is focused on basic scientific courses, while clinical training is considered one of the basic components of education in the last three years. The lectures and practical classes during these preparatory years help to increase the theoretical and practical skills of the student, which is considered one of the most important necessities for practicing the dental profession in its curative and conservative aspects.
The intensive bachelor's program at the college is followed by a year of training (internship year) that includes training in all subspecialties of the dental profession. This training year constitutes a qualifying phase for the college dentistry student to gain mastery in all therapeutic and diagnostic aspects of general dentistry. It is capable of helping students to determine the appropriate major for them in the future. When the student successfully completes all the academic requirements for the program, he is granted a Bachelor’s degree in Oral and Dental Medicine and Surgery, which is the highest degree granted to the University stage in the Kingdom

5- Obtaining the academic program for the program taught by the National Center for Academic Accreditation and Assessment (NCAAA).
6- Motivating new students to exert greater preparation and capabilities and work to increase the performance of current students with the aim of graduating highly skilled dentists.
7-Dance, techniques and techniques
8- Promote a culture of independent and critical thinking among students and faculty members.
9 - Develop a comprehensive system for the replacement and appointment of faculty members.
10- Expand the current academic within the college in the main areas of interest to the region.
11 - Foundation for Education and Scientific Knowledge.
12- Providing high-level community services and maintaining good luck, oral health culture.