College Vision

The program for teaching Arabic to non-native speakers at the College of Arts and Humanities at Jazan University looks forward to being a distinguished locally and regionally program, and to provide an educational environment for non-Arabic speakers that motivates them to master it as a second language, and to continue studying in it.

He also aspires in the future to make the program the nucleus of an institute specialized in this field, to include programs to prepare a teacher of Arabic for non-native speakers, and programs for obtaining master's and doctoral degrees in the same specialization.

College tasks

Teaching students the sounds of Arabic in pronunciation, reading and writing, and providing them with vocabulary, grammar and structures necessary to develop the four skills they have, which are reading, writing, listening and speaking.
Providing students with information about the Arab and Islamic heritage and its various literary, historical, and ethical components, providing them with different terms for Arabic sciences, such as: grammar, morphology, literature, rhetoric.
Develop students' desire to learn the Arabic language and continue to do so, and develop their sense of it and its aesthetics.
Preparing and developing programs for teaching Arabic to non-native speakers, including decisions, programs, teaching aids, and educational methods.