About the Center

After the approval of His Excellency the University President was issued No. 41/1/87835 dated 09/19/1441 and based on the letter of His Excellency the Vice President for Academic Affairs No. 85770 dated 09/10/1441, the Center for Alumni Relations and Employment was established.
The center shall work to implement programs that help graduates to obtain employment in government and private sector institutions, as well as train them and prepare them for the labor market through training programs and workshops. Jazan University has set up this Center to keep the line of communication with the graduates open on a professional and personal level and as a bridge linking their university journey and their future that they may become role models for the community.


Center Vision

That the Center for Alumni and Employment Relations at Jazan University becomes a distinguished and pioneering center at the national level and is renowned for providing programs that contribute towards developing the skills of University students and building channels of communication between the University and its graduates.

Center Tasks

• Preparing the necessary programs and action plans to correlate education outcomes in line with the National Qualifications Framework and in support of achieving the Vision 2030 of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the University's strategic plan.

• Supporting colleges and institutes at the University and providing them with the necessary information

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