Initiatives Follow-up Unit

Initiatives Follow-up Unit

It was formed by the decision of the Vice Rector for Academic Affairs No. 11431 dated 2/3/1439 AH. It is administratively linked to the Assistant Vice Dean for Academic Affairs, and it is an entity based on it to refer to initiatives and development ideas to contribute to the implementation of the strategic plan, and it undertakes the preparation of the executive plan in accordance with the university plan as well as follow-up implementation .

Unit tasks:

1- Preparing a proposed work plan for the unit stemming from its tasks, and in line with the standards of quality assurance and accreditation for higher education institutions according to the latest NCAAA models.

2- Establishing an integrated mechanism to follow up on the implementation of the initiatives of the University Vice Presidency for Academic Affairs, provided that it includes the following elements:

A- Make special models for how to implement initiatives.

B - Follow-up the stages of these initiatives according to the time plan prepared for this.

C- Determining the ways of disbursing the amounts allocated to these initiatives according to the regulatory regulations for the disbursement procedures.

3- Providing workshops on how to implement initiatives in general, with holding workshops to clarify the objectives and how to implement the initiatives of the Vice-Deanship for Academic Affairs.

4- Providing support and assistance to colleges and academic departments in the field of work of the unit.

5- Cooperating with the relevant committees.

6- Everything that falls within the scope of the work of the unit.

7- Submitting periodic reports on the work of the unit to the specialists.