contracting unit


contracting unit

    It is a unit for attracting and contracting faculty members who hold PhDs from highly qualified contractors, and it supplies the university with distinguished and qualified cadres from internationally prestigious universities.

Unit tasks:

1- Planning and supervising the university’s contracting operations.

2- Follow up on the colleges’ needs for non-Saudi faculty members and the like.

3- Supervising the reception of job applications for specializations in which the deficit has not been filled.

4- Preparing letters to obtain visas for member states nominated by the competent authorities.

5- Addressing the attachés with the general need of members to be announced on their website.

6- Studying documents and certificates before preparing the job offer.

7- Supervising the preparation and submission of job offers for those nominated from the specialized departments.

8- Preparing the necessary financial offers for contracting faculty members and the like who have been nominated to work at the university.

9- Complete the procedures for contracting with candidates with the attachés after verifying the validity of the qualifications.

10- Concluding the necessary contracts for faculty members and the like who have recently contracted with the university.

11- Submitting requests to the Ministry of Education regarding approval of the university's granting of work visas.

12- Coordination with the Ministry of Civil Service regarding the approval of contracting some jobs for which coordination is requested with the Ministry of Civil Service at the request of the Ministry of Education.

13- Addressing the attachés to faculty members who have been nominated to work at the university, finalizing contracting procedures with them, obtaining entry visas and travel tickets.

14- Coordination between colleges and the Department of Public Relations regarding the reception of new faculty members and their families.

15- Sending the necessary offers to faculty members and the like who have been nominated to work at the university.

16- Coordination with the Saudi cultural attachés abroad regarding the reception of the deans of the faculties to conduct the necessary personal interviews for the new faculty members.