Agency tasks


The University Vice Presidency for Academic Affairs has set several goals that it strives to reach and looks forward to achieving so that it can support the educational process in the university environment and meet the needs of the labor market, as well as obtain academic accreditation, which are:
Managing the educational process at the university and working to provide what is needed to make the academic environment stable, stimulating and attractive for creativity and excellence.
- Supervising the colleges, deanships and centers affiliated with the Agency, and working to raise the level of performance in them.
Participate in selecting and attracting distinguished faculty members, and working on providing training courses to raise their efficiency.
- Supervising the preparation and development of study plans and programs, ensuring their compliance with the standards of the National Center for Academic Accreditation and Academic Accreditation and other professional accreditation bodies, following up their implementation and ensuring the quality of their outputs.
Preparing the necessary guides and forms to organize and clarify the requirements of the educational process and related procedures and mechanisms.