Vice President Message


Praise be to God, and may blessings and peace be upon the Messenger of God. Our beloved Kingdom, since its inception, has emphasized the importance of learning and has invested in science, being the key to knowledge and through its development, a nation’s progress is measured and its people thrive. For this purpose, scientific centers of learning and universities were established.

Talking about the University’s Vice Presidency of Academic Affairs would need a long description to fully narrate the distinctive role it has been playing since its establishment and the tasks along with the approach and road map that it needs to undertake in the future.

We at the University’s Vice Presidency for Academic Affairs embrace a clear approach that anyone can perceive, get acquainted with its tasks and understand its features because we function on the bases of standards that reflect our ability to excel at our assigned tasks. We aim to fare exceptionally in all academic aspects, while serving and benefitting every affiliate of the university, monitoring the developments, no matter how many and varied they might be. We strive to face the challenges regardless of how many there are and it only increases our resolve, and we try to diversify our approach as per the global scientific and societal trends, which gives us more opportunities for growth and development.

It is our effort to continuously evolve and adapt in order to best achieve our aspirations while emphasizing the role of planning and exploring new horizons.

Our dependence, after God’s help, will be based on real foundations, the most important of which are: improving accomplishments, highlighting student and academic activities and building partnerships with international educational institutions, to benefit from their experiences in developing academic programs and curricula at the university, and developing standards and models necessary to ensure desired results. We shall welcome their recommendations from their research and specialized scientific studies.

We intend to build bridges of communication with our vibrant communities to build together a prosperous economy; we are interested in strengthening these ties and spreading a culture of cooperation. It is our duty to listen to every voice in a neutral manner, learn about the requirements of the times, and acquaint ourselves with the aspirations of generations.

Visiting Brother/Sister: Your presence on the Vice Presidency’s website is a source of pride and an incentive for us to do more. Let us together contribute to pushing the university to occupy its prestigious position among the leading universities, in line with the wise vision of the Kingdom 2030, planned out with in light of the directives of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, may God protect him with the support of his faithful Crown Prince.

University Vice President for Academic Affairs
Dr. Hassan bin Abdullah Ali Ishaq