University theaters usage form

نموذج حصر منصات التواصل الاجتماعي

The General Administration of Public Relations and Media commenced its duties with the establishment of the university in 2006, and has kept pace with the university’s development which has become today one of the most prominent universities locally and internationally. The administration has played a significant role in creating a good and positive image of the university through highlighting the university’s achievements, introducing its human cadres, marketing the university programs and activities, building bridges of communication the university’s internal community and the outside community, presenting the active and influential role of the university outside its walls in order to serve the community that is passionate about knowledge and creativity, and introducing the programs and services that the university offers.

Department Vision

Building strong relationships between the university and the community on the basis of mutual understanding and continuous positive interaction.

Department Tasks

To establish and strengthen the positive mental image of Jazan University, renowned for its commitment towards socio-economic and developmental initiatives.


His Excellency the President of Jazan University, Prof. Dr. Mar’ei bin Hussein Al-Qahtani, affirmed that the media department at the University plays a fundamental role in providing the internal and external community with the important information

20 Safar 1442