About the Deanship

About the Deanship

The establishment of the “Training and Community Service Center” at the Teachers’ College in Jazan was approved based on the decision of the 13th College Council, headed by Minister of Education on 19/09/1417H. As a result of the success of this centre, it was renamed “Deanship of Community Service and Continuing Education” at Jazan University in 1428.


Deanship Message

Preparing manpower and conscious leaders, and benefiting from human and material capabilities, to meet the needs of the community inside and outside the university, contribute to solving its problems, meet the requirements of comprehensive development and participate in the dissemination of knowledge, in order to achieve its vision of an integrated framework within a creative training and educational environment, whose leadership embodies team spirit and believes in the modern scientific method.


Deanship Objectives

The Strategic Objectives
1. Strategic partnerships with public and private sector leaderships, in order to serve and develop our community.
2. The dissemination of culture, knowledge, scientific and technological awareness to the largest possible section of the community.
3. Preparing highly well-qualified and trained manpower and well-aware educational leaders.
4. Fulfilling the community’s needs and demands inside and outside the University.